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Dr. Randall Price

Nowhere is the sovereign plan of God more on display than in the dispensational program. While the Reformers made a thorough study and defense of the truths of soteriology, it did not do the same with eschatology. However, because of these truths, the Reformation’s evangelical heirs regained the early church’s historic stand in its formulation of dispensationalism and many of the movement’s principal teachers identified themselves as Reformed. Their influence also led to the political support for Zionism, a natural application of a dispensational understanding of Israel. Although this history and its indebtedness to Reformed teaching have been obscured in the modern Reformed critique of dispensationalism, this book does a great service in restoring that inherent connection. It is my hope that it may receive a welcome reception among both Reformed thinkers and Dispensationalists, whose common roots firmly adhere to the confession Sola Scriptura.


Randall Price, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Professor of Biblical and Judaic Studies

Liberty University

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