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Dr. Randy White

An event in history as important as the Protestant Reformation cannot be ignored, even by those who reject what is today called Reformed Theology. Often, a historical event can be seen with better clarity from history’s “rear view mirror” than from those living during the events or in their fresh wake. Similarly, a movement can be better analyzed from those who look not only from a chronological distance but also a philosophical difference. In Forged from Reformation, you will find an honest, hard-hitting, and much-needed analysis of the Protestant Reformation, written with 500 years of perspective by distinguished proponents of dispensational theology.

There is no doubt that dispensational theology is different from reformed theology. There is also no doubt that dispensational theology, as we know it today, was forged in the fires of the reformation. It is fitting that dispensational thinkers provide a critical review of the reformation, even though many dispensationalists (like myself) do not consider themselves protestant in the strictest sense and reject much of the reformation as insufficient to bring the church back into alignment with the Scriptures.

In these pages, you will find the thinking of dispensationalists; those who read words in literal, historical, and grammatical context. Thus, in these pages you will not find the “tour-guide view” of the reformation that points to the beautiful sights while rushing past the unsightly views. Rather, you will find words from theologians who read history like they read the Bible: literally, grammatically, and in context.

The obvious truth of the reformation is that it is what it is. The blessing of this book is that it presents the reformation for what it is and not for what it is imagined to be. The reformation was a good start that brought about a better end than the reformers intended or imagined: dispensational hermeneutics and the resultant dispensational theology.


Randy White,

Founder and CEO

Dispensational Publishing House, Inc.

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