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David Criswell

“Forged from Reformation” attempts to dispel the popular argument that Dispensationalism is a 19th century invention.  Like the Reformation itself, Dispensationalism is not a new idea but a return to an old one.  Tracing the literal straight-forward interpretation of the Bible through the Reformation and back to the Church Fathers themselves “Forged from Reformation” hopes to illustrate that Dispensationalism is the only true consistent interpretation of history and prophecy.  Irenaeus was perhaps the first to actually use the word “dispensation” (from the Latin) and he himself continued the literal line of through passed down from his teacher Polycarp, the disciple of John.  It is my hope that “Forged from Reformation” will thus help dispel the popular lies of Replacement Theologians and speed the return to a Biblical understanding of prophetic history.

Fellow at Louisiana Baptist Seminary

Author of the Biblical Controversies textbook series

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